Grahams The Family Dairy | Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Gutter Cleaning in Scotland, Fife, Cowdenbeath.

We were tasked with a commercial gutter cleaning in Scotland, Fife, Cowdenbeath at Grahams The Family Dairy. The gutters had trees, grass and other debris growing out of them

We cleaned the lower parts of the gutters using ladders and Pro Gutter tools, If the guttering its not maintained on a a yearly basis this is the kind of growth that can occur. This can lead to damage to the property and damp issues or water entering the property.

This was a large factory, we couldn’t safely access some of the guttering with ladders so we had to use our gutter cleaning vacuum. This allows us to clean gutters up to 32ft safely from the ground level. The gutter vacuum sucks out all the debris from the guttering. We can then use our camera system to check the gutters are cleared properly.



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Project Details

  • Gutter Cleaning at Grahams The Family Dairy Factory

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