Gutter Cleaning in Edinburgh, Scotland

Gutter Cleaning in Edinburgh, Scotland

Gutter Cleaning in Edinburgh, Scotland

MK Cleaning Services & Property Maintenance Ltd Provide a Gutter Cleaning Service in Edinburgh we can also provide various  Cleaning Service in Edinburgh.

The gutters of our commercial and industrial properties can take a battering from the wet and windy British weather, causing excess moss and debris in the gutter. Choosing the wrong equipment or cleaning methods can lead to damage to the gutters of the building, leaving more of an eyesore than the actual moss or debris which was being removed.  Property owners and management companies are well advised to employ the services of a specialist gutter cleaning Edinburgh order to ensure that damage and further staining is not incurred.

We can provide a range of of other external cleaning services, full list can be found here

Benefits of gutter cleaning Edinburgh?

There are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause clogs or a build-up of dirt in your gutters. Some of the most common issues are these:

  • Seeds sprouting in the gutters
  • Dirt building up slowly into large lumps
  • Leaves clumping up and causing clogs
  • Twigs causes blocks (especially when mixed with leaves!)
  • Mold and mildew from standing water
  • Bird or small rodent nests
  • Insect infestations and nests
  • Miscellaneous debris build-up


Why is it important to have your gutter cleaning in Edinburgh?

Your house has a lot of areas that need regular maintenance, but one that you may not think about very often is the gutters. Your gutters are an integral part of your roof, and if they are not kept well then you might end up paying a large chunk of money for repairs. Gutter cleaning is a preventative measure that helps you to ensure your home is well taken care of and unnecessary repair costs are avoided!

We also provide gutter cleaning service in Bathgate, Dalkeith, Dunbar, Edinburgh, Haddington, Linlithgow, Loanhead, Musselburgh.




Gutter Repairs in Dunfermline | Gutter cleaning in Dunfermline


Whether it is a small part repair or a minor replacement,

We can identify any Gutter repair Edinburgh issue and restore the system to full function. It’s not just the guttering that needs to be looked after, and therefore we also complete repairs to fascias, soffits and gable ends. If we can repair it, then we will take care of it!


To arrange a no obligation quotation for gutter cleaning in Edinburgh or gutter repairs in Edinburgh email us.

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