Case Study – Roof Clean in Dunfermline – Roof Cleaning

Case Study – Roof Clean in Dunfermline – Roof Cleaning

Our Roof Cleaners in Dunfermline….


Interested in have your roof cleaned in dunfermline, fife?

Here at MK Cleaning Services we offer 2 types of roof cleaning in Dunfermline, Fife. We can pressure wash it or soft wash it. See below for details.


  • Pressure washing it, starting from the top and working downwards so no water gets up under the tiles and into the loft. This is the most effective and quickest way of cleaning the roof most roofs
  • Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. The process involves applying a chemical to the roof tiles via low pressure to eliminate moss, algae and other pollutants. Please keep in mind moss HAS to be removed my hand prior to the application of the cleaning products. This type of roof cleaning in Dunfermline can in some cases take considerably longer to clean.It will depend how badly the roof is covered in moss. While it may take longer to clean I is seen as the safer method for roof cleaning in Dunfermline.
  • We can also replace any damaged tiles and re point/set all ridges and verges.
  • After all the cleaning and maintenance works has been completed we then apply a professional grade biocide to the roof.  This can stop any regrowth for up to 7 years. We give a 3 year moss free guarantee!


Still not convinced about our roof cleaning service in Dunfermline, Fife?

We have verified reviews on and have reviews on Why not take a look and see what our previous customers had to say abour our roof cleaning service in Dunfermline.


Do you require more information about our Roof Cleaning? COnatc us and one of our Roof Cleaners in Dunfermline will be in conatcts within 48 hours

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